Antioxidants. Essential in your cosmetic routine.

The antioxidants They are substances responsible for neutralizing free radicals and protecting us against their damaging action on cells. Our body is capable of producing antioxidants. But if there are excess free radicals - so-called oxidative stress - you will need help.

Antioxidants are essential in any cosmetic routine for men and women from the moment they start caring about their skin. Preventing the action of free radicals is prevention and health. And the sooner you start, the better.

There are countless clinical studies that support the effectiveness of antioxidants, mainly vitamin C. It has been shown that it is an illuminating ingredient that prevents blemishes, unifies tone and neutralizes free radicals, collaborates in the production of new collagen, increases hyaluronic acid levels, improves elasticity, protects the skin barrier and helps prevent skin cancer. A large number of benefits in a single asset!

The problem with antioxidants is that they oxidize. Wow the redundancy! Has it ever happened to you that your vitamin C cream turns darker? That's a sign that it has rusted. And an oxidized antioxidant does not fulfill all those functions that we have described above.

The solution we have found for Method R products is the drug-delivery system, developed by our team of biotechnologists. Vitamin C is properly protected in a microsphere, it penetrates the skin much better and reaches exactly the depth at which we want it to act without oxidizing.

Furthermore, since vitamin C also has a more immediate and superficial illuminating effect, we have also added a high concentration of free vitamin C, so that it acts at different depths in the epidermis.

And to further improve the stability of our serum, we have used an airless container that maintains the integrity of the cosmetic throughout the treatment.

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