A complete, simple and effective routine.

Method R is the result of years of research and passion for health. It is a complete routine designed to provide care in a simple and effective way, adapted to all genders and skin types.

Developed by leading Spanish dermatologists and biotechnologists, this routine incorporates high concentrations of cosmetic active ingredients of proven effectiveness and uses drug-delivery nanotechnology to maximize results and minimize possible adverse effects.

At Method R, we understand that skin doesn't discriminate based on gender, which is why our products don't either. We incorporate a neutral perfume that enhances the experience and guarantees consistency in the use of the routine.

The primary objective of Method R is to help you achieve the best possible version of your skin in the simplest way, with only 4 highly optimized products that provide everything our skin needs to be healthy. The effectiveness of our routines has been validated by a study published in The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology .

To make your life even easier, our routine is structured in three simple steps, each identified with a color and two distinctive symbols.


Two gray products: cleansing oil based on olive oil and enriched with the R3 complex to get rid of all those particles that accumulate on our skin during the day and night. The physical exfoliant used a couple of times a week will help you have soft, shiny skin without impurities. The perfect combination, once you try them, you won't be able to live without them.


In the world of antioxidants, vitamin C is king. Our serum will protect you from oxidative stress every morning while unifying the tone and giving luminosity to the skin. A basic but necessary asset in any routine.


The time of greatest cell regeneration occurs at night, while we sleep. That is the moment when the retinyl gel-cream and comfort cream come into action, improving the texture of our skin and combating the dreaded expression lines.

Slow-Aging Cosmetics

You only have one skin. Thank her, pamper her, take care of her.

Prevention and control of aging from health

We believe that beauty is a consequence of healthy skin. That's why we talk about slow-aging, because prevention is the only way to control aging without stressing the skin.

As we already know the causes of aging, we can avoid them, and act against the signs of aging by trying to nuance or minimize them, but aging is a natural and unstoppable process.

We don't promise to stop the passage of time, we promise to help you achieve the best version of your skin.

We only use cosmetic active ingredients of proven efficacy that, together with the drug-delivery technological advances developed for drugs, enhance their effectiveness and minimize the adverse effects of the active ingredients. This is how we take care of your skin, with an honest and effective routine.

Welcome to a new era, welcome to slow-aging.

Green Mind

You only have one planet. Appreciate it, pamper it, take care of it.

Sustainability is deep in our roots.


We reduce the amount of material used in our containers and packaging to a minimum. We prioritize sustainability, working with recycled and recyclable materials in all our processes.


We have opted for a replacement system that allows us to refill and reuse the packaging of our products. Reduce the volume of plastic used and take care of the environment.

Zero emissions transport

We care about our carbon footprint, which is why we prioritize our shipments via a fleet of electric vehicles whenever possible.

Simple and efficient

We have synthesized the number of steps in the cosmetic routine to a minimum. Four products for all genders that treat all signs of skin aging at the same time, avoiding filling the dressing table with dozens of containers.

We don't believe in miracles

We know that the effects of cosmetics are limited. No cream is capable of firming or eliminating an expression wrinkle. That's why we don't promise miracles. Our cosmetics help repair damage caused by external factors, helping to improve the health of your skin.

We bet on science

Science helps to improve people's lives, which is why we have developed a system that allows active ingredients to be sent in the highest concentrations to different layers of the epidermis. Furthermore, we only use cosmetic active ingredients whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in independent scientific studies.

Why the R?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... Revolutionize

We are often asked why the R?

And the answer is simple, the R is in our DNA.

We reduce, reuse and recycle in all our processes. We work to be an honest and sustainable cosmetic brand.

100% recyclable packaging, distribution in electric vehicles and local suppliers.

There are many words that begin with R and with which we identify.