A complete, simple and effective routine.

Method R is the result of years of research and passion for health. It is a complete routine designed to provide care in a simple and effective way, adapted to all genders and skin types.

Developed by leading Spanish dermatologists and biotechnologists, this routine incorporates high concentrations of cosmetic active ingredients of proven effectiveness and uses drug-delivery nanotechnology to maximize results and minimize possible adverse effects.

At Method R, we understand that skin doesn't discriminate based on gender, which is why our products don't either. We incorporate a neutral perfume that enhances the experience and guarantees consistency in the use of the routine.

The primary objective of Method R is to help you achieve the best possible version of your skin in the simplest way, with only 4 highly optimized products that provide everything our skin needs to be healthy. The effectiveness of our routines has been validated by a study published in The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology .

To make your life even easier, our routine is structured in three simple steps, each identified with a color and two distinctive symbols.

Creemos que la belleza es una consecuencia de una piel sana. Por eso hablamos de slow-aging, porque la prevención es la única manera de controlar el envejecimiento sin estresar la piel. 

No prometemos frenar el paso del tiempo porque el envejecimiento es un proceso natural e imparable, prometemos ayudarte a alcanzar la mejor versión de tu piel.