Aline Neumann has that lilting Brazilian way of speaking. Born in Sao Paulo in 1977, she arrived in Spain two decades ago. He settled in Madrid and began working at the International Dermatological Clinic with Dr. Ricardo Ruiz. Being surrounded by skin specialists all day would affect Aline, who added degrees in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetic Formulation to her studies in Law and Marketing. With these tools and the conviction that “ when you take care of yourself, you feel better ”, in 2021 she has given shape to her own dream, a cosmetic line that exudes simplicity and honesty.

How exactly did the idea of ​​creating a cosmetics brand come about?

After spending a year living with family in London, upon our return I decided that I wanted to do something different. I was thinking about it, thinking about what excited me the most, and I realized that my passion was cosmetics: I have always been a great “tester.” Additionally, having worked alongside dermatologist Ricardo Ruiz, I have learned a lot about what patients were looking for in cosmetics.

Your own skin has given you trouble, since you have suffered from vitiligo since you were 20 years old. Do you think that suffering from such a disease also influenced your decision to design different cosmetics?

Having a condition like this influences your entire life, from small everyday gestures to big decisions. But it not only has a negative influence, because it also helps you accept what is not perfect in you. What is clear is that vitiligo has made me pay more attention to my skin and has helped me see cosmetics as an ally. When you suffer from a disease of this type, you are obsessed with the fact that people are looking at you, and a cream or makeup helps you feel better.

When we take a look at the Method R formulas we find old acquaintances in cosmetics: vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid... Why haven't you opted for new active ingredients?

We have focused on what already has a solid scientific basis through independent studies, those cosmetic active ingredients that really improve the quality of the skin. We've taken what we know works and improved it: vitamin C, retinyl, kojic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and panthenol.

How have you improved it?

Scientific studies not only show which ingredients really work but also reveal in what quantities. The problem with having high concentrations is that irritations can occur, so we have “wrapped” the active ingredients in a sphere of lipids. This sphere opens inside the skin, which prevents the ingredients from being in direct contact with the outermost part and consequently reduces the risk of irritation.

Where does this interest in sustainability that can be seen in packaging come from?

It emerged naturally once we started developing the line. I have always been struck by the amount of things we throw away when we launch a cosmetic product: the cellophane, the box, all the little papers that come inside... In England I was surprised to see the importance they give to the product. recycling compared to Spain: there, if you do not separate waste well, they will not collect your garbage. When I started with this project I saw very clearly that I had plenty of cellophane to protect the boxes, which would replace those that were damaged during transport. Or that it was better to put a QR code to access the information (and even save it on your computer) instead of putting papers inside the box.

One of the keys to this method is that you don't need many products to take care of yourself. Do you think we increasingly need to simplify our lives?

Definitely. Nowadays we want it all and we want it now. If you don't simplify, you overwhelm yourself, and I'm not just referring to cosmetics but also to fashion, food... Despite my enthusiasm for cosmetics, I didn't understand why it had to be so complicated, if I had people close to me. dermatologists who always repeated that in the end what works is jack, knight and king. I've timed my morning beauty routine and it takes me less than five minutes to get ready...including makeup! If your ritual is simple for you, it will be easier for you to fulfill it. And we already know that, to obtain results, consistency is key.

What type of clients were you thinking about when you created Method R?

At first I thought about those women who came to Dr. Ruiz's office and said: “ I can't find a cream that really hydrates my face. I have tried everything and after two hours my skin is dry again .” It was clear to me that I wanted to cover that need, although later the line turned out to be more versatile. For example, it is designed for men and women because what works on the skin for both is the same: vitamin C in the morning and retinol at night. It is true that men have a little thicker skin, and that is why we have made the night cream with two different textures - they will like the thinner one - but otherwise everything is the same: the same ingredients at the same concentrations.

You are Brazilian but you have been living in Spain for about 20 years. What would you keep from the habits of each country?

In Brazil we do a lot of sports and we have always given importance to nutrition and a healthy life. I had not seen tobacco until I arrived in Spain! On the beach, people drink coconut water, while here in the beach bars you find all kinds of alcoholic drinks; That was something that also surprised me a lot... However, in Brazil people are too forward with the issue of aesthetics, while here I perceive more prudence when it comes to retouching. I love the discretion of Spanish women, because I believe that elegance lies in discretion.

What expectations should we have when we face aging?

Aging is a natural process. With our “slow-aging ” philosophy we defend that we must embrace this process, that we have to love ourselves at each stage of life, but seeking our best version. It's not about looking 20 years younger, but about having skin with the best possible quality for our age. Expectations should be summarized in having healthy skin, because when there is health, fewer spots or fewer fine wrinkles appear resulting from dehydration. What you will never achieve with a cream, no matter what they say, is to eliminate flaccidity. We have seen that people were very disappointed with cosmetics because there are very powerful marketing messages that then do not live up to what they say.

What is your ideal day like following that “slow” concept that you advocate?

It would be one of those Sundays that begins with the whole family – my husband, my two children and I – having breakfast together. Then I would do yoga and spend the afternoon cooking: baking relaxes me a lot. And, why not, my slow day would include a good massage.