estudio que avala la eficacia de Método R

This is the study that supports the effectiveness of Method R

One of the events that marked Aline Neumann 's agenda last week was her visit to the Intereconomía radio station , where the journalist and presenter of the program Belleza Capital Katia Rocha served as host. The founder of Method R was accompanied by Dr. Pedro Rodríguez, specialist in oncological and surgical dermatology, and trichology.

During the pleasant talk, Aline placed special emphasis on one of the keys to the success of her skin-care line , which is none other than simplicity in the routine . This habit is made up of 4 products: two cleansers, essential so that the products you apply during the day and at night penetrate the skin well.

These products follow the maxim that dermatologists have been announcing for many years, which is to apply antioxidants in the morning and vitamin A or retinoid derivatives at night. “These are super concentrated with everything the skin needs to be healthy,” said Aline.

For his part, Pedro Rodríguez attended as a dermatologist and co-author of the study carried out to verify the effectiveness of the Method R cosmetic routine. This study is assumed to be key for the recommendation in the consultation of dermatologists: "it is difficult for doctors who are very scientific to recommend products of this type, since unlike medications they do not need a clinical trial or a study to support their effectiveness." ”explained the doctor.

Furthermore, the price accompanies because, in the words of Aline Neumann, “ there is no cosmetic asset that justifies exorbitant prices ” and Method R follows this philosophy to the letter, a factor to be valued especially taking into account the large number of assets present. in each product. “They are very expensive creams to make, the prices compared to the quality of the product are very good ,” the Brazilian woman told the microphone.

Finally, it launched an exclusive as new products . An eye contour with vitamin K and caffeine and a specific line of products for those who have sensitive skin . The date of its release? The best option is to keep an eye on our website and social networks.

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