Show Cooking de Método R

This was the successful Method R Cooking Show

The R Method is in luck, that Samantha Vallejo Nágera has become an ambassador of the brand is a reward for a job well done , and the consecration of a simple, effective and gender-neutral skin care alternative.

And the range of our founder, Aline Neumann, has reduced the products necessary to show off the best version of our skin to just 4 . These are a cleansing oil to use in the morning and at night, a physical exfoliant to use weekly, an antioxidant serum with vitamin C and a moisturizing cream with liposomed retinyl to repair the skin at night.

This quick but effective routine was what caught the attention of Samantha, a woman whose multiple projects mean that she has no hours left in the day, but who is aware of the importance of taking care of her skin. That is why you find in Method R the perfect balance to stay radiant without giving up anything .

The specific properties of all our products and well-being were one of the topics of conversation at the Cooking Show that we organized at the Eton Mess cooking school where we were able to see dishes from real chefs.

Previously, Samantha had opened the doors of her own home to us along with multiple guests, including journalists from the fashion and beauty sector, so that we could learn first-hand about the qualities that make Method R unique.

Without rushing, surrounded by light and good company. This is how we were able to talk about skin care for men and women and the need to simplify processes with effective and simple routines.

In the Cooking Show, our companions cooked with foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B3, B5, olive oil and many other allies present in our skin care routine. If something stood out about this event it was the good atmosphere, the harmony between all the participants and the shared passion for skin health.

The Spanish actress Carola Baleztena was clear about it, and she revealed her secrets for skin care. “There are two fundamental steps, the first is diet and the second is Method R , which has all the vitamins and antioxidants that my skin needs to look smoother, healthier and with fewer wrinkles ,” he stated.

On the other hand, the journalist and influencer @bloggymery, in addition to highlighting the importance of combining Method R products with a good diet, also highlighted that “ you have to be very constant ” in following the routine. “It is a philosophy of life that you have to integrate into your routine,” he stated.

Héctor García Royo was another of the luxury guests at our fun Cooking Show, in addition to being a great expert in the world of cosmetics due to his time as Marketing Director at El Corte Inglés, as a diabetic and the son of relatives with the same problem, he stated that In your daily routine you could not miss two oil cleansings, one during the day and one at night.

And you, do you dare with Method R?

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