Consejos para una buena rutina de cuidado facial

Tips for a good facial care routine

At Method R, we don't believe in miracles. We believe in a proper facial care routine. And, what is the best facial care routine? We have it very clear! The one you are going to fulfill.

That's why we propose a routine with very few products but that includes all the ingredients that your skin needs to be healthy. The basic facial care routine we propose consists of just three simple steps: prepare, protect and repair.

Step-by-step facial routine:

  1. Prepare : Facial cleansing is key to having luminous skin and preparing it for the active ingredients that you will receive later. Cleanse your face every morning and evening with a gentle syndet cleanser. You only need one product, if you have to remove a lot of makeup, repeat the cleansing with the same product. From the age of 35 it is essential to add an exfoliant to this step 1 or 2 times a week. Exfoliation will remove accumulations of dead skin, providing luminosity and will also help the ingredients in your cosmetic routine to penetrate well.

  2. Protect : in the morning, after cleansing, apply a facial serum with antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients that will protect your skin from external aggressions during the day. A photoprotector is then applied.

  3. Repair : After facial cleansing, use a moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type, containing repairing active ingredients such as retinol and kojic acid if you are over 35 years old and hydrating. The repairing active ingredients will improve the texture, tone and luminosity of the skin and the hydration will maintain its protective barrier strong to avoid possible alterations. Young skin only needs moisturizing, skin barrier repair and illuminating active ingredients in this step, such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

How to clean your face every day?

Cleansing your face daily is probably the most important part of skin care. It is important to cleanse your face in the morning and at night.

In the morning to remove the remains of your night cream, sweat and impurities that stick to your skin during the night and thus allow the active ingredients of your day cream to better penetrate.

At night, of course, it is very important to remove makeup, impurities and traces of cream and sunscreen. This step will also allow you to get more benefit from the active ingredients in your night cream.

Remember to always use cold or warm water. Hot water dehydrates the skin and is not the best for washing the skin on our face or body.

In cleansers, there is a before and after of “syndet” also known as soap-free soaps. Syndet means “synthetic detergent” and is the gentlest form of facial cleansing. The Method R oil cleanser is of course a syndet, it is a unique product that does not require double cleansing or makeup remover and is removed completely leaving no traces of oil on the skin.

Once or twice a week, we recommend completing the cleansing using an exfoliating cream after the cleanser.

What should my daily routine be like?

After cleansing your face, in the morning we recommend using an antioxidant serum or cream. Antioxidants are extra protection for your skin. Ideally, photoprotection does not allow the sun to generate oxidative stress on your skin, but as we know that no photoprotection is 100%, we add the protection of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in case of oxidative stress. So, at any age, the antioxidant hydrating + photoprotection serum tandem is the perfect tandem to protect your skin during the day.

What should my nighttime routine be like?

The night routine is the time to repair the skin. Adult skin has inevitably suffered damage from the sun, pollution, poor diet, stress, tobacco, alcohol, etc. This damage is expressed on our skin in the form of spots, wrinkles, lesions or other imperfections. Depending on how our skin appears, it will need one type of repair or another. The most generic are retinoids that accelerate cell renewal, improving all signs of skin aging and if you add depigmenting and illuminating active ingredients such as kojic acid and niacinamide, you act on most imperfections and prevent others.

It's important to remember that there are as many skin types as there are people in the world, so this routine may require adjustments based on specific needs. It is also advisable to consult a dermatologist if you have specific concerns about your skin or if you are considering introducing new products into your skin care routine.

What is the order to apply creams to the face at night?

The ideal in our opinion is to have a single night product with all the active ingredients that your skin needs, to ensure that incompatible products are not used in the same routine and that you will achieve optimal penetration of the active ingredients in your cream. If for some reason it is not possible, always use the lightest texture first.

I would like to end this article with a phrase from Dr. Ricardo Ruiz that I love: “the best anti-aging cosmetic is to accept that we are going to age. Because “the worst wrinkles are those of the soul.” We invite you all to take care of yourselves, to pamper your skin because it is something very valuable and that will accompany you throughout your life, but always without forgetting that just as important as taking care of ourselves on the outside is taking care of our soul. 

About METHOD R.- It is a simple and effective cosmetic routine that consists of eight products (cleansing oil, exfoliant, antioxidant serum with vitamin C for the day and a nighttime regenerating formula in two textures, a moisturizing gel-cream and a comfort cream, eye contour and creams for sensitive skin (S non-comedogenic hydration and S Comfort) formulated with the ideal active ingredients, in high concentration and minimal adverse effect, to cover the fundamental needs and functions of the skin.

Method R is the result of Aline Neumann's passion for skin care, her training in dermocosmetic formulation and the experience of the team of dermatologists at the International Dermatological Clinic. Inspired by the principles of slow aging and the three essential gestures for skin health -preparing, protecting and repairing the skin-, this easy, sustainable and unisex cosmetic routine demonstrates that improving skin quality is not a matter of invest neither much time nor much money.

Method R is on sale through , at Clínica Dermatológica Internacional (c/ Marqués de Villamagna, 8, Madrid) and at the Marta Masi pharmacies, (C/ de María de Molina 22, Madrid), Farmacia A Montesinos (C/ Jorge Juan 8, Madrid) and at the 100% Farma pharmacy (C/ Santa Hortensia 33, Madrid)

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