empezar una rutina cosmética

When to start a cosmetic routine?

Skin care should start in childhood.

Since children , the use of photoprotection with sun exposure is essential. This routine will prevent premature aging of the skin.

In dry climates , regardless of age and sex, children, adolescents and adults, need to use moisturizing creams and emollients so that the skin does not become dehydrated.

After 30 , skin renewal slows down. It's time to pay more attention:

  • Daily cleansing and weekly gentle exfoliation are a must.
  • Using a serum or cream with antioxidant active ingredients in the morning will make our skin look luminous, blur blemishes and improve its texture.
  • Introduce retinyl to hydrate every night, it will regenerate it and stimulate collagen production.

From the age of 40 , spots caused by sun exposure since childhood begin to appear. We recommend adding the use of formulas with depigmenting agents such as kojic acid to your cosmetic routine.

From 50 onwards , we need more hydration and nutrition.

We change the texture of the cosmetics for richer ones that provide the necessary comfort to the skin and we introduce cleansing cosmetics in oil or cream.

The use of ingredients such as low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and vitamins such as B3 and B5 will help us have healthy skin.

A simple and effective routine should accompany us in all stages of our life. Always being aware of the needs of our skin at all times.

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