El Black Friday de Método R dura todo el año

Method R's Black Friday lasts all year round

The classic days of Black Friday are approaching, where all brands lower their prices to encourage their users to purchase their products. This tradition originated in the 1960s in the United States but at Method R we like to do things our way and we offer our clients the best possible service all year round. We like to say that our Black Friday lasts all year round because we believe that skin care should be available to everyone.

And each and every day of the year we strive to improve and provide our customers with increasingly better products and better service. At Method R we follow our own rules and celebrations. At this time we are in congratulations for our first anniversary, which has come with the launch of our S line for sensitive skin, with the S Comfort cream and the S Hydration , in addition to the replacement of the S Comfort cream . This new collection reflects the philosophy of Method R expressed in its maximum splendor. Maximum quality at Black Friday prices…

Suitable for all ages

The S line is suitable for all ages and for the most sensitive skin, as it contains vitamins B3, B5 hyaluronic acid, active ingredients that deeply hydrate, soothe and provide luminosity to the skin. In addition, it coexists and can be combined with our Slow-Aging line. In the words of Aline Neumann, “young people who use the Antiox Serum can use the S Hydration at night. And people with mature skin who need more hydration in the morning can add S Comfort to their daily routine and people who cannot tolerate the milder retinol can try using it by combining it with S Comfort cream.”

Thus, we aim to cover the needs of each and every skin, since each skin is unique.

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