El Confidencial se fija en las claves de la rutina de Método R

The Confidential looks at the keys to the Method R routine

The accredited newspaper El Confidencial has dedicated an article entire section of its “Vanitatis” section to review the multiple factors that make the Method R dermatological routine unique.

Correctly, they begin by warning about the exposome and how although there are external factors that damage and weaken our skin over time, the decision to take care of it so that it ages in the best possible way is in our power.

The key? Prepare, protect and repair. 3 simple steps that will mark the path towards our goal: delaying the signs of aging as much as possible with the Method R product line, a brand that in the words of El Confidencial, “is the sum of the scientific knowledge of the team of dermatologists and the experience in biotechnology from the Spanish laboratories dedicated to the research and development of nanotechnology systems for drugs.”

Thanks to these studies we have managed to encapsulate the active ingredients, resulting in products with very concentrated and, above all, very effective ingredients. Our founder, Aline Neumann, emphasizes one of the keys to the aforementioned effectiveness of the routine, which is none other than the synergy between the products.

Of course, the fact that we talk about effectiveness in such a safe way has a compelling explanation. This is the study by the prestigious scientific journal “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology”, to which the entire Method R routine has been subjected, being the first in history to do so.

The article continues to emphasize the importance of a good cleansing both when we wake up and before going to bed, for which cleansing oil at both times and a physical exfoliant a couple of times a week is key. At the same time, the duo made by the serum with vitamin C and ferulic acid stands out, which combined “are enhanced to unify the tone and provide light to the skin.”

Ultimately, the text explains how the R3 complex promotes deep and long-lasting hydration, as well as the magnificent active ingredients that make up Method R products, but to discover it, you will have to consult it in the article itself.

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