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The origin of Method R: a story of passion and perseverance

Method R is a close brand that is in constant contact with its customers. We love listening to you and our community does not stop growing. Why? Because we are united by a passion: skin health .

Our proposal is clear: Method R is a simple and effective skin care routine that prioritizes skin health. The simplicity we boast about is the result of years of research and technology that allows us to improve the performance of cosmetic ingredients. We have worked hard to make your life easier. And it is a source of pride for us to see that we share that philosophy with thousands of followers.

It is precisely when you grow at such rapid speeds that you must take a moment to breathe, look back and analyze everything you have achieved and, above all, the path you have traveled. Our friends from El Mundo have helped us in this exercise, reviewing the beginnings of Aline Neumann .

They set the starting point in 2000, the year in which the Brazilian landed in this city that she fell in love with, Madrid. “I was impressed to see people of all ages drinking beers and the older ones laughing out loud. Where I come from, that is not seen. And I thought: 'This is where I want to grow up,' are the statements reported by the prestigious newspaper.

They soon delve into what would be their devotion and work to this day. She would do it in the most unlikely way possible, with the help of a disease, vitiligo , thanks to which she met her husband and her passion: skin care.

We are talking about Dr. Ricardo Ruíz, owner of the International Dermatological Clinic , where the magazine Dermagazine was published, which Aline began to run in parallel to her work in a consulting firm. “My job was to talk to doctors and professionals, decide on articles or suggest them. That made me learn even more,” said the native of São Paulo.

Aline is one of those people who believes that coincidences do not exist and that adversities are actually opportunities. First it was vitiligo and then the development of the clinic's cosmetics, an opportunity that she took advantage of to delve even further into her passion. “One day we ran out of it, I trained and got myself started. I realized that this was what I was most passionate about in the world and since I wanted to learn more and more, I signed up for a master's degree in cosmetic formulation.”

The article by editor Virginia Gómez continues to unravel the keys that have placed the R Method where it is. The first was, as the great Marketing professional that Aline is, to do an analysis of the market and detect the solutions that it demanded. “There were many complex cosmetic routines and there was a need to simplify . Cosmetics is a very small part of people's lives. You have to make it simple for them to comply.”

The second was transparency, a policy that our founder has always had as her flag. This is why we say that our products are slow aging , capable of slowing down the passage of time so that you feel good. We are not talking about antiaging since it is impossible to stop aging, something completely impossible. Instead we give the skin the best resources so that it looks healthy. Beauty is the consequence.

The brand has been on the market for less than 1 year and its trajectory is very promising since the vast majority of people who try Method R products repeat.

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