La etiqueta natural no es garantía de un mejor cosmético

The natural label is not a guarantee of a better cosmetic

The beauty industry has become increasingly focused on natural ingredients and the idea that "natural" is better for our skin and our bodies. However, natural cosmetics are not necessarily safer. We all have the feeling that if it is natural it can't hurt us. But cyanide, for example, is naturally present in some foods and even some natural aromatic ingredients are on the black list of potentially allergenic ingredients.

The truth is that science-based cosmetics have a series of benefits over natural cosmetics. Which does not mean that everything natural is bad. What in our opinion is bad is ignoring the advances of science to have a 100% natural product.

Firstly, science-based cosmetics use active ingredients that have been purified to be more effective, cause fewer adverse reactions and achieve maximum benefit for the skin. On the other hand, natural cosmetics use ingredients that have not been researched to the same extent, which means that their benefits for the skin are not as well documented and sometimes they have components that cause allergies. In fact, a person with sensitive skin should always use hypoallergenic synthetic products.

Science-based cosmetics are more consistent in terms of quality and effectiveness. Production ensures that each batch of product is exactly the same, meaning the results are consistent too. Natural cosmetics, on the other hand, can vary in quality and effectiveness due to the natural variability of the ingredients used.

On the other hand, science-based cosmetics often use natural ingredients. For example, the three most used ingredients to treat premature aging, vitamin C, retinol and glycolic acid, come from natural sources - vitamin C from acerola, retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and glycolic acid. comes from sugar cane.

What is the perfect cosmetic? In our opinion, it is one that uses natural ingredients as long as there is no better synthetic, it is non-allergenic, effective, stable, well preserved and sustainable.

In summary, science-based cosmetics are always inspired by nature, do not deny natural ingredients and have a series of documented benefits that make them a better option. If what you are looking for is the health of your skin, science-based cosmetics are undoubtedly the best option.

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