cremas de Método R con retinyl

Method R creams with retinyl, the best option for summer

It's spring and the temperatures and days are longer and sunnier. Change is slow and constant, and a new summer awaits us on the horizon.

Despite the rush of energy, the joy of being able to make the change to summer clothes, for many of us, this time of year raises greater concern when it comes to our skin. Exposure to the sun makes us feel good and at the same time helps our body synthesize vitamin D. However, we must be very careful with side effects, which can range from spots to skin cancer.

A common question at this time is whether you should stop using cosmetics with retinoids (vitamin A) since many of them irritate the skin, leaving it weaker against the sun. Method R is the solution for that problem. It allows you not to interrupt the application of this cosmetic active ingredient that is so beneficial for the health of our skin.

If this is your case and you use a cosmetic or drug with higher concentrations of retinoids, you can switch to Method R during the summer months. This way, you will keep the memory of the retinoids and in September you will not have to start from 0 again.

The big difference between Method R retinyl creams and others lies in the active ingredient encapsulation technology used, which allows us to include high concentrations of retinoids in our cosmetic routine, every night, even in summer, minimizing adverse effects. For this reason, many people say that Method R is the democratization of dermatological cosmetics. Because it allows us to have cosmetics similar to those sold in dermatologist offices, without their adverse effects.

Method R Slow-Aging creams repair attacks caused by free radicals, help treat wrinkles, reduce spots and improve skin texture.

The biggest danger of using the night creams from Method R's Slow-Aging line in summer is that you will be so happy in September that you decide to continue with it all year round.

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