activos cosméticos más eficaces

The most effective cosmetic active ingredients are present in our products

Method R is many things, but above all: “a cosmetic routine that is as simplified as it is effective.” That easy and that true. Simplicity is deduced by comparing the few products necessary in your daily life with the routines of other brands, and is confirmed with a simple glance at your personal grooming area. Forget about the countless bottles, jars and creams that pile up in your bathroom and start trusting the 4 Method R products that hide the 7 magnificent ones in their formulation.

Many brands talk about effectiveness, at Metodo R we wanted it to be something completely objective. For this, the study published by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology supports this condition by testing one by one the 7 encapsulated ingredients that are present in our products.

We talk about niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, retinyl, kojic acid, vitamin K, vitamin C and panthenol. These are the 7 magnificent ones that, with concentrations defined by Dr. Ricardo Ruiz's team of dermatologists, have demonstrated notable benefits in improving skin quality. Next, we proceed to analyze them one by one.

Vitamin C

Derived from ascorbic acid, this powerful antioxidant combats oxidative stress caused by free radicals. It helps unify the tone, provides greater luminosity and prevents sun damage. In the Antiox Method R serum, this active ingredient is combined with other antioxidants such as ferulic acid, vitamin E and niacinamide, which enhance each other. The most important problem with vitamin C is its instability. And it is one of the active ingredients that benefit the most from encapsulation, which amplifies its effectiveness since it allows the active ingredient to reach the inside of our skin intact.

Hyaluronic acid

This cosmetic ingredient is naturally present in the skin, and therefore an extra contribution of it is perfect for skin care, especially for people with dry and dehydrated skin, thanks to its high capacity to attract and retain water. This active ingredient is also said to 'fill in' wrinkles. The reality is that with hydrated skin, fine wrinkles are less noticeable. In our products we use several types of HA, low molecular weight in its liposome version and also free and high molecular weight.

kojic acid

It is an agent with a high depigmenting, antioxidant and antibacterial power and has hundreds of scientific studies that support it. It is obtained from various mushrooms, fermented soybeans or rice wine. It inhibits the synthesis of melanin, reduces sun damage and prevents aging (link in the words in bold to the article on signs of aging).


Also known as provitamin B5, it promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts and contributes to improving skin elasticity. It has a moisturizing, calming, anti-inflammatory and repairing effect.


It is a derivative of vitamin A that promotes cell regeneration. As if that were not enough, talking about retinoids is making it one of the most effective ingredients and with the most scientific evidence in facial rejuvenation.


It is one of those multitasking active ingredients that all the experts talk about, and it is due to its regulating and calming properties. It helps reinforce the skin's barrier function, improves the appearance of wrinkles and spots, moisturizes, has a great antioxidant effect and is also well tolerated. It is also known as vitamin B3.

Vitamin K

This vitamin is also natural. It is produced in the liver and guarantees adequate blood circulation. As a cosmetic active ingredient, it helps alleviate disorders of vascular origin such as rosacea or broken capillaries and is also used in eye contour formulas thanks to its ability to reduce dark circles.

In short, these are the 7 magnificent ones that elevate Method R to a category of cosmetic routine unique for its simplicity and effectiveness. What are you waiting for? Go to the R!

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