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The signs of facial aging and their treatments II

Last week we began to review some of the signs of facial aging and their respective treatments, in order to clarify which of them cosmetics has something to say. We do a very clear and realistic review of the performance of cosmetics. It is important to have realistic expectations and know that if you want to go one step further, there are also solutions.

Precisely in the next sign of facial aging, cosmetics are conspicuous by their ineffectiveness. We talk about facial sagging . A cosmetic can never reverse it but it does play a vital role in preventing it. A combination of cosmetic active ingredients can greatly delay the appearance of the dreaded facial sagging. To improve it, aesthetic dermatology techniques are necessary that replace the lack of bone and facial fat that has been lost, and that are more effective in tightening and generating new collagen. In addition , injectables, radiofrequency, ultrasound, tension threads and Ultherapy are recommended for correction.

Another common sign is the famous dark circles . These can be discreetly improved with cosmetics that combine moisturizing, depigmenting, melanin inhibitors and vasoconstrictor active ingredients. However, if the spot is very dark, laser techniques are necessary to improve it, as it eliminates melanin, blood vessels and improves the quality of the skin. Sometimes the dark circle is caused by the displacement of the compartments. 

Regarding eye bags , if they are made of fat, they can only be improved with surgery, if they are made of liquid, cosmetics can improve them . The use of cold in the area and a higher posture when sleeping also helps a lot. You have to have realistic expectations regarding cosmetics and in the most intense cases, you have to go to aesthetic dermatology to improve it: high-intensity focused ultrasound acts in the area where fluids accumulate, generating collagen, preventing edema.

Let's go with the last sign of facial aging with a focus on the eyes, sagging eyelids . This can only be improved with aesthetic dermatology and surgery techniques. Cosmetics do not reverse sagging when it has already occurred, they only help to prevent it.

Where cosmetics do more than do their job is when it comes to skin texture . A cosmetic routine with cleansing, hydration, exfoliation, antioxidant active ingredients and vitamin A (retinoids) can help us have an excellent skin texture, regardless of our genetics. Depending on the degree of skin deterioration, lasers and other dermatological techniques and subsequent maintenance with cosmetics are recommended.

Finally, let's talk about veins, couperose or ruby ​​points where once again, A cosmetic routine can prevent them but not eliminate them, since vascular lasers are necessary for the latter.

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