Los trucos para cuidar una piel sensible

Tricks to care for sensitive skin

At Method R we have always defended that each skin is a world. With the intention of covering the needs of each of these “worlds” the S line was born, with effective and non-irritating ingredients to relieve disturbed skin.

This new line is made up of two products, the S Confort Cream and the S Hydration Cream , which are characterized by being simple, effective and unisex. They also provide your skin with the hydration, protection and calm it needs.

Redness, itching, stinging, peeling or tightness are some of the symptoms that we usually identify with “sensitive skin”, and which will be alleviated by applying the products from the S line of Method R.

There are many people who have this condition (up to 60% of the American population defines their skin this way. However, according to Dr. Jose Luis Ramírez, dermatologist at the International Dermatological Clinic (CDI), “as a medical diagnosis Sensitive skin does not exist.”

But technicalities aside, we are all referring to the same symptoms and we are all aware of how the S line helps combat them. S for Simple and for Sensitive.

Simple and effective

Our two new formulas follow the brand's philosophy of simplifying the world of cosmetics and of course, contain the most effective ingredients in the appropriate doses and with the fewest adverse effects. Or what is the same: few active ingredients but very good, which care for and provide well-being to the skin.

But when should we apply them to guarantee the best possible effect? Whenever you want! Both the S Hydration Cream and the S Comfort Cream can be used during the day or at night. Furthermore, both are ideal after an attack caused by the sun or a laser technique.

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