Método R te ayuda a reciclar

Method R helps you recycle

R for reduce, R for reuse, R for recycle. Method R has it in its name and follows it to the letter: it reduces the number of containers in the cosmetic routine and reduces its environmental impact throughout the production process, from raw materials to distribution. Reuse some of your packaging through the replacement system. And of course all packaging is single-material to facilitate recycling. Furthermore, all our packaging is designed to use the minimum amount of cardboard possible and has the FSC traceability seal. We have eliminated the cellophane that wraps some cosmetics, additional papers and the ink we use in both the containers and the packaging is biodegradable. All our suppliers are local (Europe) and the products are manufactured in Madrid.

Under this principle Aline Neumann established Method R. We are a company with a strong sustainability policy, which since our beginnings has been committed to a cosmetic routine with as few products as possible: only those strictly necessary.

Leave behind bathrooms filled with dozens of products in which each one has a very limited function and discover a more sustainable line of products whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

Our nature is restless and we want to be increasingly sustainable. We have recently taken a new step in this direction with the implementation of a packaging collection system. We now have the option available on our website to request the collection of containers, both Method R and any other brand, that are empty.

The removal of packaging can be requested at the time an order is placed for any Method R product on our website. It is as simple as adding the product you want to buy to the basket and before continuing, select the option -collection of plastic containers- and then continue with the normal order."

The conditions for collection are, in addition to checking the box when placing the order, that the containers are ready to be collected when you receive the order, that they are cosmetic products and that their total weight does not exceed one kilogram.

Although we are very proud of this initiative, we know that it is another grain of sand for the care of the environment and we are not going to stop. In our declaration of intentions is the willingness to continue researching and searching for more sustainable packaging, developing campaigns and collaborations that promote sustainability and care for the environment.

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