nuestra nueva línea de productos

We present our new line of products!

Few ingredients, but very good

We are pleased to announce a new line of products. The S line, from Method R, is born, with effective and non-irritating ingredients to hydrate and soothe the skin.

We have three new additions to our catalog: S Confort cream and the S Hydration cream , simple, effective and unisex, which hydrate, protect and soothe, and the S comfort cream replacement .

All of these products are conceived due to, once again, Aline Neumann's devotion to skin care, this time adapting to all skin types and always with the same philosophy: enjoy such a simple routine. as effective.

S Line, Simple formulas for Sensitive skin

Aware of the needs of the most special skin types that tend to be irritated, itchy or tight, Method R incorporates the S line, S for Simple and Sensitive, into its cosmetic proposal. This is due to the composition of the products: few active ingredients but very good to continue caring for and providing well-being to the skin. To avoid any adverse reaction as much as possible, neither of them have color or perfume.

“The main characteristic of that line is that it has the minimum number of ingredients. But among these we include active ingredients and vitamins that have a positive biological function in the skin,” explains Aline Neumann, skin coach and founder of Method R.

The proven R3 complex, the backbone of the Method R routine, composed of niacinamide, panthenol and hyaluronic acid, is also present in these new treatments. “These three ingredients protect the integrity of the skin barrier, are soothing, very effective in hydrating, while defending the skin from pathogens and pollution and brightening the complexion. Furthermore, combined they complete and enhance each other,” explains Aline.

S Hydration

It is a light, non-comedogenic cream. Ideal for the youngest and to soothe the skin after an attack such as a laser technique or a sunburn. It can be used day and night and comes in a 50 ml airless container.

S Comfort

It is a very nutritious cream, suitable for mature skin that does not tolerate any irritating active ingredient. It can also be used day and night, as well as after a dermatological aesthetic technique or any type of aggression such as a sunburn. It comes in a 50 ml reusable jar.

The S line coexists and can be combined with the Slow-Aging line of Method R. For example, advises Aline Neumann, “young people who use the Antiox Serum can use the S Hydration at night. And people with mature skin who need more hydration in the morning can add S Comfort to their daily routine and people who cannot tolerate the milder retinol can try using it by combining it with S Comfort cream.”

Defining “sensitive skin”

Some of the symptoms that we usually identify with “sensitive skin” are redness, itching, stinging, peeling or tightness. It is important to clarify that, although 60% of American citizens claim to suffer from this condition, Dr. Jose Luis Ramírez, dermatologist at the International Dermatological Clinic (CDI), states that "as a medical diagnosis, sensitive skin does not exist."

“Sensitive skin” is also not a skin type like oily or dry skin. However, those sensations that are attributed to sensitive skin, and that share characteristics with some of the aforementioned pathologies, are the result of an altered state of the skin barrier. This causes the skin tissue to become intolerant. This is the moment in which we must adapt our cosmetic routine to this panorama with treatments that, on the one hand, balance this hydrolipid barrier, and on the other, avoid certain potentially irritating ingredients - such as preservatives or perfumes - and incorporate active ingredients. that soothe the skin and help it regain lost comfort.

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