Qué es TEWL

What is TEWL and why is it so important in skin care?

Many people ask us why we have insisted so much on including so many moisturizing and anti-inflammatory active ingredients in Method R products and why we talk about it so much. We couldn't explain it without talking about TEWL.

TEWL is transepidermal water loss. There is a direct connection between the skin barrier and the “TEWL” and consequently, the penetration of cosmetics into the skin.

One of the most interesting things we saw when we did the effectiveness study of Method R was that all the cases of intolerance, which were very few, occurred in people who did not use cosmetics and had very dehydrated skin.

Our skin connects us to the outside world for good and bad. The bad thing is that it is the part of our body that receives all the radiation and pollution and with the passage of time, its surface, which we call the skin barrier, deteriorates. In fact, it deteriorates more in the most exposed areas.

Skin barrier on the skin

One of the skin barrier's main functions is to retain as much water as possible within the skin, as well-hydrated skin functions optimally. And if the barrier that protects that hydration deteriorates, regardless of the amount of water you drink, that water is lost and the skin becomes dehydrated.

As skin care experts, we know that the skin barrier is of utmost importance when creating a skin care routine. It should always be the first thing taken into account and be present in all steps of the routine.

  • The correlation is as simple as High rate of transepidermal water loss = compromised skin barrier.
  • Compromised skin barrier = increased penetration of active ingredients, pathogens and allergens

A deteriorated skin barrier not only leads to greater water loss but also greater absorption of ingredients and a greater likelihood of intolerances or even skin diseases. In addition to presenting a dull and non-uniform appearance.

For this reason, people with very dehydrated skin could not use the Method R Slow-Aging routine. Although our Slow-Aging routine is formulated to maximize tolerance, dehydrated skin allows such direct penetration of the product that the skin always reacts.

In summary, people with sensitive, sensitized or acne skin could have a negative experience with any treatment that contains more powerful active ingredients, which would lead to its discontinuation and, logically, a lack of results.

Active ingredients in the Method R routine

That is why we talk about it so much and we have prioritized the presence of moisturizing active ingredients in all steps of the Method R routine. And if you think that is your case and you have dehydrated skin, don't despair. It has a solution! Our advice is to do a hydration treatment first for one or two weeks, with specific products for sensitive skin and without irritating active ingredients, and after that time try again to use the treatment with slow-aging active ingredients, always choosing products that include moisturizing active ingredients. in its formulation.

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