¿Qué tienen en común Wordle y Método R?

What do Wordle and Method R have in common?

In recent months, Wordle has become the most popular word game online. But what does Wordle have to do with cosmetics? Actually, more than we might think.

Cosmetics, like Wordle, tries to find the perfect combination that will bring health to our skin. In Wordle's case, it's about finding the right word from limited clues. In cosmetics, it's about finding the right combination of ingredients for our skin type and specific needs.

In cosmetics there is a wide variety of options that can sometimes be overwhelming. For this reason, Method R has tried to reduce the number of steps and offer a complete routine instead of isolated products, but as in Wordle, the key is to be persistent in the routine to be satisfied with the result.

When we find a cosmetic routine that is suitable for our skin, the feeling of satisfaction and happiness is immense. We feel more confident and comfortable in our own skin.

How can we transform cosmetics into an easy routine? Here are some tips:

  1. Simplify: If something is simple, it is much easier to accomplish. And just because something is simple for you, doesn't mean that in essence it is. Method R cosmetics have a very complex formulation to include many active ingredients in very few products so that your skin has everything it needs, in just a few steps.
  2. Perfect combination: If you use the perfect combination of products on your skin, you will see results very quickly, and that will help you keep going.
  3. Price: Look for products with a reasonable price, that you don't have to save money on or that won't cost you money every time you have to replace them. If your products are reasonably priced, you will never run out of them.
  4. Place them in the right place: Sometimes the key to consistency is having them on hand when you need them. For example, for many people putting the cleanser and exfoliant in the shower has been key so that they don't forget to use them. Or even have one cleanser in the shower and another in the sink.

In short, although it may seem that Wordle and cosmetics don't have much in common, in reality they are both about perseverance and finding the perfect combination. Trust Method R as the perfect combination of ingredients for skin health and use those little tricks to be persistent in your cosmetic routine.

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