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Enhance your look? With Method R, you can

At Method R we are in luck. We are proud to present the new eye contour , which aims to prevent and improve the signs of aging in this area prone to premature aging.

The skin around the eyes is probably the most delicate of the entire body, and the one that shows the most signs of aging. This is explained by two factors, internal and external.

First of all, it is important to understand that we are dealing with the part of the body with the least sebaceous glands and collagen. If we add to this the influence of external factors such as the sun, blue light, pollution, and the continuous movements of the facial muscles that surround them, the result is one of the most worn areas.

This wear and tear manifests itself in bags and dark circles, which lead to a sad, tired, and even dull look. Is there a solution? Yes, but we have to be realistic. Once again, at Method R we remember that we cannot fight the passage of time, but we can bear its signs in the best possible way.

Prevent or slow the appearance of signs of aging

Using an eye contour can help prevent or slow down the appearance of signs of aging. At this point, Aline Neumann advises choosing formulas that have specific ingredients to improve bags and dark circles, such as vitamin K and caffeine because they help improve blood circulation and pigmentation in the area. Also, he adds, it is very important to hydrate with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol and niacinamide, which in addition to hydrating provides luminosity.

The Method R eye contour collects all these ingredients in a thin container with a roll-on for better application. “You always have to do it touching bone. In the periocular bone. Cosmetics migrate and if this or any other cosmetic is put on the eyelid, it is most likely that it will end up inside our eyes and irritate them,” Aline emphasizes, because only in this way will we ensure that the contour produces the desired effect.

Of course, the application of this product must be combined with other daily practices, such as avoiding rubbing the eyes, hydrating the area well, and avoiding excessive consumption of salt and alcoholic beverages.

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