Recuperar la piel después del verano

Recover skin after summer

After the summer, many would agree with me that we look better... we are tanned, we have done more sports, we have eaten healthier, we have relaxed. Without a doubt, you should try to continue doing sports, have a diet rich in vegetables and fresh products and find a way to relax throughout the year.

If you have done it in summer, try to take advantage of the momentum and continue. If you haven't done it, maybe it comes to you Better to have a routine to do it . Include it in your back-to-school resolution because there is no longer any doubt, as Dr. Ángel Durántez explains in this article , the Physical exercise is great for the skin.

Collagen and exercise for the prevention of skin aging

To obtain recover skin after summer It is important to keep in mind that aging prevention must be managed in different areas:


Use the maxim of avoiding foods that our grandmothers would not recognize as food. Avoid processed foods and eat lots of vegetables. Eat a small amount and avoid sugar and excess salt and fat as much as possible.


Both strength and aerobic exercise benefit general health, They delay aging and have also proven to be beneficial for the skin . In addition to what we already knew, the most recent studies show that the elasticity, hydration and structure of the outer layer of the skin improve with both types of exercise and strength training also improves skin thickness. AND The higher the activity level, the greater the hydration of the skin .

Cosmetic care

After excessive exposure to the sun, we must be more rigorous than ever with our cosmetic routine. Insist on hydration , exfoliate the skin at least once a week and include in our cosmetic routine, if we have not included it yet, active ingredients that protect the skin from external agents, which are basically 3: photoprotectors, retinoids and antioxidants . I am particularly going to introduce a retinol booster into my routine at a higher concentration than what I usually use once a week.


The spots usually appear or intensify after longer exposure to the sun and spoil that feeling of well-being and joy that we had for being tanned. Hormonal spots or “melasma” are very difficult to control and if you have them very visible, it is best to opt for a dermatological treatment. They respond very well to the combination of laser + master depigmenting formulas. The laser allows greater penetration of the depigmenting ingredients and the master formulas use concentrations much higher than those allowed in cosmetics. The results are seen from the first session and with a good cosmetic protocol, they are maintained over time. Lentigo-type sun spots are removed with a laser and their treatment should always be carried out in a dermatology clinic.


A good hydration is key to prolonging the tan and keep skin luminous . Keep in mind that tanning is a skin response to aggression. Although we like it and think we look more beautiful, the reality is that the skin has suffered and tends to lose water more easily. At this time, it is more important than ever to insist on body hydration morning and night.

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