Retinyl y retinol

Retinyl and retinol

Retinoids have countless benefits for the skin. They stimulate cell renewal, provide luminosity, protect collagen, prevent skin oxidation... among many other benefits.

For this reason, we have chosen the type of retinoid that has the fewest side effects, formulated in high concentrations and using “drug-delivery” technology, which added to a set of soothing ingredients to minimize possible irritation.

In addition, we have accompanied it with an illuminating cocktail -kojic acid and niacinamide- and a hydrating cocktail with different types of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. All this, in a single product. so that you skin care routine be as complete and simple as possible.

If your skin is used to more powerful retinoids, our slow-aging creams are ideal as a comfort cream, between each application, maintaining the memory of retinol in the skin and minimizing irritation.

We create complete, versatile creams for men and women, which provide health and well-being to your skin.

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