Samantha Vallejo-Nagera

Samantha Vallejo-Nagera, Method R ambassador

Method R was looking for a brand ambassador who would concentrate all the values ​​that are the basis of our company. Our path quickly crossed that of Samantha Vallejo-Nagera . There was no one who embodied what Method R conveys better than her: a modern woman, working mother and successful self-made businesswoman.

"I admire her very much and I wanted to work with her. She is a restless, hardworking, mother, generous and caring woman . The type of person we are targeting. Method R aims to simplify the cosmetic routine as much as possible without giving up anything And Samantha does everything without giving up anything because she simplifies and eliminates all the nonsense from her life," said Aline Neumann , our founder.

We are talking about the consecration of an alliance between two women with a very similar vision of life, and as far as skin care is concerned, practically identical. We do not give up time, we adapt to it and turn it into our ally.

"Aline is a fantastic skin coach. For me it is a total pride to be able to represent Method R because I think it is a very intelligent project. Being chosen for this also makes me feel proud of my skin," says Samantha.

The passing of the years should be reflected in experience and maturity, but why on the skin? ​​Aging is inevitable , it is the expression of the process of living . According to several studies, 20% depends on our genetics and 80% on the so-called exposome, that is, on the factors to which we decide to expose our skin. Or what is the same, the purest reflection of how we take care of ourselves.

Samantha and Aline are two people who like to be direct and honest, and with something as important and irreplaceable as skin, they cannot be less. They have always defended that two of the pillars of beauty are naturalness and health.

It has become my bedside routine because I have found a simple formula to get my homework done. I use the peeling three days a week. Every morning, I cleanse my face with the oil in the shower. And before leaving the house, I apply the serum with vitamin C. I really like its light texture and I know that with it my skin is well treated throughout the day. At night, it is a little more difficult for me, because I get very tired, but I know how important it is to cleanse and repair the skin. Before going to sleep, I apply the repair cream with a brush, very slowly, it is a very pleasant gesture that relaxes me," the businesswoman reveals in statements that show the importance of slow, especially for people who lead a very busy life. and we need moments to disconnect.

Under the slogan “The food for your skin”, the MasterChef jury and the founder of Method R have celebrated their collaboration with a Cooking Show in which the guests have cooked with the ingredients of Method R: olive oil, antioxidants, vitamins A, B3, B5 and lots of love.

It is an honor and a joy that Samantha is part of the Method R family, an agreement that highlights the existing harmony in the way of understanding life and its priorities.

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