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Samantha Vallejo-Nagera explains her routine with Method R on her blog

If there is one thing that brings enormous happiness to the Method R team, it is the feedback we receive from our clients. In our constant desire to understand your needs, we developed the slow-aging line that, as Samantha describes in her blog, “ is a complete routine for your skin , it seeks to prevent aging from a healthy perspective and provides all the necessary vitamins for the skin to “It looks amazing.”

That is precisely where he tells how he met the architect of the Method, Aline Neumann . It was at the International Dermatological Clinic, the clinic of Ricardo Ruiz, Aline's husband and her trusted dermatologist.

“I had a feeling with her from the first day, she is beautiful, she gives off a very special light and peace. She is a piece of woman! Furthermore, we share many values , such as family, normality and the desire to enjoy life!” are the beautiful words that Samantha dedicates to Aline.

In her blog post, the businesswoman details her daily routine for skin tissue care . This routine only requires two times a day, one in the morning and one at night. A more than simplified routine , which adapts perfectly to a profile like Samantha's: with little time but with a great awareness of how important it is to dedicate moments, no matter how small, to oneself.

“In the morning, I cleanse my skin in the shower with the Cleansing Oil , it's a joy! Then I apply the Antioxidant Serum with Vitamin C. And at night, I cleanse my skin again with the Cleansing Oil and apply the Cream with vitamin A, better known as Retinol (you also have the lighter gel format), the skin the next day looks great! With these simple steps I feel like I have my homework done! Additionally, I exfoliate my skin once or twice a week with their Physical Exfoliant , it's super important! If you have very delicate skin, it is better that you do it only once,” the television presenter reveals.

Samantha also highlights the advantage that our creams do not understand gender, which allows her to share them with her brother Colate, although we do not know to what extent he “steals” them…

Finally, remember that we are talking about an entrepreneurial woman who has not gotten to where she is, ignoring the details. We don't do it either and good proof of this is our commitment when it comes to making both our containers and packaging, all of which are 100% recyclable and from local suppliers and some reusable.

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