Zero waste: cómo aplicarlo en casa

Zero waste: how to apply it at home

The R's in our name

At Method R we prioritize sustainability, which is why the R in our name means recycling, reducing and reusing. Our philosophy is based on...

The sustainability of our products is a priority. This is what Aline Neumann believes, and that is why Method R has in its DNA the R for recycling that it applies to the materials of its containers and packaging and the packaging collection option that the brand offers on its website; R to reuse, thanks to its spare parts system; and R to reduce the number of containers in the routine and, consequently, its environmental impact.

We scale sustainability to all phases of the manufacturing process of our products. As? Working with local suppliers, making single-color prints without labels, using biodegradable ingredients and opting for electric vehicles as a means of transportation for the distribution of Method R products. Thus, we minimize the carbon footprint in all phases of creation and distribution of the products.

Policy zero waste

But how can you apply a privacy policy in your home? zero waste ? There are many ways! Reusing bags and boxes, opting for local products, trying to buy less and more intelligently. Method R makes it easy for you with the container collection option available on its website. Helping to care for the planet is as simple as accepting the collection of your plastic packaging when you place your next order.

Check the “Yes” box to receive your products with an attached bag, in which the delivery person will take the plastic containers of any cosmetic product regardless of the brand. This is how we make sure they are recycled. Because there is only one planet Earth and it is the same for everyone.

The only conditions are that the containers in question are prepared when the delivery person arrives, because having him return would not be sustainable. And that these do not exceed a maximum weight of 1kg. In this simple way you will also be doing your bit for the health of our planet. And of course without any additional cost!

It is about aligning ourselves in the conviction that cosmetics will be sustainable, or it will not be. Because the planet deserves the same respect as our skin.

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