Por qué hablamos de slow-aging

Why do we talk about slow-aging and not anti-aging?

At Method R we are convinced that beauty is a consequence of healthy skin. However, we are realistic: we do not promise to stop the passage of time, we promise to help you achieve the best version of your skin.

We know the causes of aging and we know how to act against its signs, trying to nuance or minimize them, but always aware that aging is a natural and unstoppable process. This is why we don't like to talk about anti-aging.

Instead we talk about slow-aging, because that can be achieved through prevention and by mitigating some of the signs of aging such as dull skin, spots or dehydration. Always in a continuous and controlled manner, without stressing the skin. To do this, we only use cosmetic active ingredients of proven efficacy, which together with drug-delivery technological advances enhance their effectiveness and minimize the adverse effects of the active ingredients.

Aging is inevitable , it is the expression of the process of living, but how we age depends 20% on our genetics and 80% on the so-called exposome. This is how we know the external factors to which we are exposed and the reflection, ultimately, of how we take care of ourselves. With this mindset, Method R advocates the slow aging philosophy and provides the right tools to achieve and maintain healthy, luminous skin while minimizing and delaying the signs of aging.

This is why it is not about winning the battle over the years. It would be a struggle in vain in the face of a factor that we will never be able to overcome. Instead, we seek to age harmoniously, looking as good as possible at each age. Thanks to the three steps of Method R, not only are the ideal formulas guaranteed to safeguard the health, and consequently, the beauty of the skin, but the simplicity of the routine makes it easy to comply with it daily. It will be of little use to apply the products on skipped days, since consistency is key to good skin.

Each formula has been designed to obtain the best possible performance, but it has also been possible to demonstrate the effectiveness of the entire protocol, the result of the synergy between the products. Method R can boast of being the first cosmetic routine subject to a study and whose results have been published in a scientific journal, the prestigious Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. Typically, according to Aline Neumann, analyzes are carried out on a specific ingredient or individual products but not on a complete treatment ritual.

For us, slow-aging is a lifestyle, it is inclusion and respect, it is a decision to love our skin as it is, and take care of it with care and love, enjoying every minute.

Welcome to a new era, welcome to slow-aging.

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