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Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliating Cleanser

With cellulose particles and biodegradable

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Physical exfoliant that removes dead cells from the face to obtain soft and luminous skin. With cellulose particles that do not damage the skin and are biodegradable.

Method R's exfoliating wax is composed of oils and cellulose microparticles that provide a deeper cleansing of the skin, unifies the texture and provides freshness and luminosity.

50 ML reusable jar

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Application mode

"Apply to damp face, avoiding the eye area, with gentle circular movements. Remember that frequency is more important than force. We recommend being faithful to your weekly exfoliation and always doing it very gently. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water."

Aline Neumann, co-founder of Method R

Aline Neumann, co-founder of Method R

Efficacy Study

Dermatologists and biotechnologists have developed the best SlowAging routine with just five products that have been shown to improve skin quality in the first 30 days of use.


improvement in skin quality


improvement in skin glow


improvement in hydration

  • Developed by dermatologists

  • Slow-aging. Prevention of skin aging

  • High concentration of assets

  • With DDS technology, it enhances its effectiveness

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Margarita G.
Ha cambiado mi opinión sobre los exfoliantes

Este exfoliante ha cambiado mi percepción sobre la exfoliación. Es suave, no irritante y efectivamente purifica mi piel.

Cristina S.
Exfoliación suave y resplandeciente

La exfoliación es suave pero increíblemente efectiva. Mi piel nunca ha lucido tan resplandeciente.

Yolanda U.
Elimina impurezas sin resecar

Realmente elimina todas las impurezas sin resecar mi piel. Es el balance perfecto que buscaba en un exfoliante.

Arancha Z.
Un exfoliante suave y con una muy buena textura

Me ha encantado el exfoliante, no tenía claro que se distinguirse en algo de otros exfoliantes que había probado pero que tenga partículas de celulosa es lo que hace que sea distinto. Además es muy agradable en tacto y notas suavidad una vez lo aplicas. Felicidades por el producto

Maria E.P.A.

Me gusta mucho cómo deja la piel perfectamente exfoliada,mi marido y yo hasta lo utilizamos en el cuerpo.
Nos encanta!!

Laia W.
Placer renovador en cada uso

Cada aplicación es un placer; no solo limpia mi piel, sino que la deja con una sensación de renovación y vitalidad.

Rosario D.
Experiencia de limpieza profunda

Adoro esta experiencia de limpieza profunda. Es como un spa en casa cada vez que uso este exfoliante.

Rocío A.
Indispensable y suave para sensibles

Descubrí este exfoliante hace poco y ya es un indispensable. Es suave con mi piel sensible y el resultado es inmejorable.

Andrea C.
Gozada de exfoliante

¡Qué gozada usar este exfoliante! Deja la piel increíblemente suave y fresca. ¡Totalmente recomendado!

Manuela E.
Enamorada del exfoliante

Nunca fui de exfoliantes, pero desde que probé el de Método R, estoy totalmente convencida. Deja mi piel fabulosa.

"The made in Spain facial care brand that dermatologists and pharmacists love"

"So easy, so effective"

"The philosophy of aging naturally by pampering the skin"

"Suitable for all skin types, these cosmetics care for and firm"


How is the Exfoliting Cleanser applied?

Apply to damp face, avoiding the eye area, with gentle circular movements. Remember that frequency is more important than strength. We recommend being faithful to your weekly exfoliation and always doing it very gently. Afterwards, rinse well with plenty of water.

How many days do you apply the Exfoliting Cleanser?

We recommend exfoliating your skin once or twice a week after cleansing with our cleansing oil. Very resistant skin with large pores can use up to a maximum of 3 times a week.

Can I use the scrub if I am pregnant?

You can use all products that do not contain retinoids, such as: Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum, Exfoliant, Cleansing Oil and the products from the S line, the S Hydration cream and S Comfort. This way, if you are pregnant you can purchase the young skin kit and the sensitive skin kit.

Does it have parabens?

None of the Method R products have parabens.

Why have you chosen physical exfoliation for the Method R routines?

Physical exfoliation is not compatible with any active ingredients. We really like chemical exfoliants but we have seen many complications from combining, for example, a chemical exfoliant with retinol in the same routine. The physical exfoliant is safer in that sense and also offers us an immediate flash effect and allows us to choose the moment when we want to have radiant skin.