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SlowAging Hydration Gel Cream

SlowAging Hydration Gel Cream

With 10% liposomed retinyl

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Repairs, revitalizes and illuminates the face.

Light texture gel-cream formulated with 10% liposomal retinyl - derived from vitamin A - and kojic acid. Created to repair free radical attacks, it helps treat wrinkles, reduce blemishes and improve skin texture.

Vitamin A is a powerful cell regenerator that stimulates collagen production in our skin. At Method R we use liposome ingredients that allow us to obtain a product with a high concentration of active ingredients such as retinyl and kojic acid while reducing the risk of irritation and increasing effectiveness.

The R3 Complex enriches the formula by providing hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid and extra vitamins such as niacinamide -vitamin B3- and panthenol -vitamin B5-.

Our comfort cream and hydration gel-cream have the same active ingredients, the difference is the texture and the contribution of lipids. If you have oily skin either with acneic tendency , this is your format with a light texture. If, on the other hand, you have dry skin, we recommend the comfort cream with a denser and more nutritious texture.

Products containing Retinol (black in color) should not be used if you are pregnant.

50ml container.

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Application mode

"It is applied to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye area. Recommended use at night. It can be used every night, after cleansing. It includes hydration and it is not necessary or recommended to add any more product to your nighttime routine."

Aline Neumann, co-founder of Method R

Aline Neumann, co-founder of Method R

Efficacy Study

Dermatologists and biotechnologists have developed the best SlowAging routine with just five products that have been shown to improve skin quality in the first 30 days of use.


improvement in skin quality


improvement in skin glow


improvement in hydration

  • Developed by dermatologists

  • Slow-aging. Prevention of skin aging

  • High concentration of assets

  • With DDS technology, it enhances its effectiveness

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Teresa Á.

Antes nunca usaba crema de noche, pero desde que descubrí el gel crema de Método R, tras la limpieza, siempre la aplico antes de irme a dormir. ¡No sabéis como queda la piel!

Emilia Z.
Segunda compra satisfactoria

Esta es mi segunda compra y continúo impresionada con la calidad y el servicio.

Guadalupe L.
Compra intuitiva, entrega fiable

El proceso de compra es intuitivo y el servicio de entrega es confiable y eficiente.

Cecilia O.
Presentación y calidad top

La presentación del producto es tan impresionante como su calidad, totalmente estoy encantada.

Vanessa R.

TIene una extextura en gel que rechifla, 0 pegajosa y se absorbe rápidamente. ¡Fantástica!

Uxía R.

¡Me encanta este crema!

Sonia L.

Me acabo de introducir en el mundo del retinyl y me encanta como se queda la piel. ¡Os recomiendo muchísimo esta crema en textura gel!

Clara P.
Textura agradable, aroma ligero

Los productos tienen una textura agradable y un aroma muy ligero, ideal para uso diario.

Olga S.
Envío rápido y perfecto

Envío rápido y sin complicaciones, mi experiencia de compra ha sido perfecta.

Joaquina R.
Calidad y rapidez garantizadas

Calidad excepcional en productos y rapidez en el servicio, totalmente recomendado.

"The made in Spain facial care brand that dermatologists and pharmacists love"

"So easy, so effective"

"The philosophy of aging naturally by pampering the skin"

"Suitable for all skin types, these cosmetics care for and firm"


How do you apply SlowAging Gel-Cream?

It is applied to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye area. Recommended use at night.

It can be used every night, after cleansing. It includes hydration and it is not necessary or recommended to add any additional products to your nighttime routine.

What differentiates the hydration cream from the comfort cream?

Both creams have the same active ingredients at the same concentrations. The only thing that differentiates them is the texture and the contribution of lipids to the skin. The hydration cream has a gel-cream texture, lighter and with less lipid content and the comfort cream has a rich texture and is more nutritious. If you have dry skin, your cream is comfort and if you have skin with more sebum production, as usually happens to men or women with adult acne, your cream is hydration.

I have never used retinoids. Can I use one of your creams with retinyl?

Method R is an excellent option to start a regimen with retinoids since its formula has managed to considerably reduce its adverse effects and includes soothing and moisturizing active ingredients that help protect the skin from possible irritations. You may have to use it every other day for the first two weeks until your skin gets used to it.

Why can't I use your night creams if I'm pregnant?

Because our creams contain retinyl which is a derivative of vitamin A, and it has been shown that oral vitamin A is dangerous if taken during pregnancy and as a precaution it is not recommended to use it in its topical form either, since we know that the skin It is permeable and that a percentage of the cosmetics can reach the bloodstream.

If you are pregnant, opt for cosmetics with safe active ingredients such as vitamin C, niacinamide, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, etc.

The rest of the Method R range - cleansing oil, exfoliant and anti-ox serum - are suitable for pregnant women.

Can I use Method R if my skin is sensitive?

Method R creams are very well tolerated for daily use. For a person with sensitive skin, we recommend using night creams every other day for the first two weeks and little by little trying to increase the frequency of use until you can tolerate using them every night. On the second and third day it is normal to notice a slight irritation or erasing effect (peeling) on ​​the skin, but normally after a week the skin gets used to it, and you can try to increase the frequency of use. Retinoids are wonderful substances for the skin, but they are also irritating. We must introduce them into our routine little by little, giving the skin time to tolerate them and thus be able to enjoy all their benefits.